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Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

This is a medical test that you must get if you are pregnant. It helps your doctor assess how you and your baby are doing on a daily basis. The chance that the baby will be born with certain genetic defects is determined by this. This test examines tiny bits of DNA that circulate in the blood of a pregnant woman.

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- Check for birth defects

- Check genetic and chromosomal conditions

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What happens during this screening?

We take a sample of the mother’s blood and look for abnormalities in the baby’s DNA. (The mother’s blood contains DNA of the fetus.)


What are the most common conditions that this screening detects?

Down syndrome, Edward syndrome, and Patau syndrome. This test may also detect missing chromosomes.

Are there risks when this screening is done?

There are no risks for the mother or fetus because this screening is a simple blood test.

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