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Most instances of cervical cancer may be prevented by giving girls and women the HPV vaccination. It also prevents vulvar and vaginal cancer. Cancers of the mouth, throat, head, and neck may also be prevented with the vaccination.

The ages listed below are suggested:
- Girls and boys between the ages of 11~12 (Two doses of vaccine at least six months apart)
- Younger adolescents ages 9~10 and teens ages 13~14 (Two dose schedule)
- Teens and young adults ages 15~26 (Three doses)

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- Prevent cervical cancer with great possibilities

- Lowers risk of HPV-related malignancies other than the cervix

- Lower the population's prevalence of vaccine-targeted HPV types

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Do I still need the HPV vaccine if I am not sexually active?

Yes. HPV vaccine is recommended for everyone to prevent cancer.

Why do children need HPV vaccination?

HPV vaccine prevents infections that cause cancer.

Why do boys need HPV vaccination?

HPV vaccine prevents future infection of the penis, anus, and back of the throat in men.

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