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A safe, healthy, and joyful pregnancy starts even before you get a positive pregnancy test result. Preventing pregnancy by taking care of your health helps you prepare for pregnancy. Preconception counseling is an appointment with your healthcare practitioner during which you will discuss several elements of pregnancy and develop a plan for a safe pregnancy. This session should take place at least three months before you begin attempting to conceive.

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This process checks the following :

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- Mental disorders

- Birth defects

- Any pre-existing medical conditions

- Any allergies

- Any medications you may currently be taking

- Any previous pregnancies

- Your menstrual history

- Contraceptive use

- Vaginal infections

- Vaccination

- Checking your heart, lungs, breasts, thyroid, and abdomen

- Doing a pelvic exam

- Recording your weight

- Testing for hepatitis

- Complete blood count (CBC)

- Testing for thyroid issues

- Testing for HIV

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When should I schedule a pre-conception counseling appointment?

At least three months before you begin trying to conceive.

What should I do to increase the possibilities?

Maintain your weights, quit smoking or drinking. Update your immunizations, consume vitamins, and avoid extra stress.

Are there any lifestyle changes I should make to prepare for pregnancy?

Regular exercise more than three times a week is preferred, and staying hydrated is very important. Also, consuming good nutrition before and after pregnancy is very important as well.

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